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Take the bus, Gus.
Best way to keep your budget on a roll is to travel by Viazul which is, in our humble opinion the best-run tourist business in Cuba : modern, clean and safe equipment, reclining seats, reasonable speed — 40-50 mph 65-90 kmh average which seems more and more like 35 mph 62 kmh — always on time, no loud music, manned by two professionals (a driver and a ticket/bagage handler who manage to make stops where they'll pick up fresh produce or somesuch to bring home) in some kinda non-freezing, air-conditioned safety.

Viazul has a ticket office and picks up passengers from Cuba's main bus terminal, the Astro officially named Terminal de Omnibus Interprovinciales near Plaza de la Revolucion Map link here
The main office is located in Nuevo Vedado on Avenida 26, corner of Zoologico, past the cemetery, in front of the Zoo; arrivals — from points near and far — are at the main terminal.
Fares are payable in Convertible Pesos or by credit card - amount debited in US$.
Phone (7) 81-1413, 81-5652 or 81-1108 Fax : (7) 66-6092 If main lines are busy, dial fax, someone will answer.
Viazul also carries unaccompanied packages large and small; baggage may include a bicycle for a nominal extra charge — a 1cuc tip is expected, even for regular baggage handling. It's up to you.

Contact viazul @transnet.cu
www.viazul.com : schedules below were taken from that site. Check site for latest info.
A bus is called a guagua (gwa-gwa).


Viñales 2 x day via Pinar del Rio — Ruta 10

Holguin 2 x day via Santa Clara, Sancti Spiritus, Ciego de Avila, Camaguey, Las Tunas — Ruta 16

Trinidad 2 x day via Entronque de Jaguey, Giron, Cienfuegos — Ruta 18

Varadero 4 x day via Guanabo (Playas del Este), Matanzas, Aeropuerto de Varadero, Varadero — Ruta 20

Santiago 3 x day via Santa Clara, Sancti Spiritus, Ciego de Avila, Camaguey, Las Tunas, Holguin, Bayamo, Santiago — Ruta 24

Trinidad-Santiago 1 x day via Sancti Spiritus, Ciego de Avila, Camaguey, Las Tunas, Holguin, Bayamo, Santiago— Ruta 25

Varadero-Santiago 1 x day via Cardenas, Santa Clara, Sancti Spiritus, Ciego de Avila, Camaguey, Las Tunas, Holguin, Bayamo, Santiago— Ruta 26

Highway Guide
• 40 pages on major cities, • 12 double-page maps of the island, • 10 double-page maps of La Habana,
• Index of 2.500 cities, towns and villages,

In February 2006 Cuba purchased 8,000 new busses from China, in order to gradually replace its aging fleet on a yearly basis over a few years. Chosen for their comfort, low fuel consumption and quality/price ratio, these Yutong-brand busses will eventually replace its high-pollutin', gas-guzzlin', amarikan dinosaurs. In Spring 2011, there seemed to be a major shortage of spare tires with many coaches on blocks waiting for the rubber to scream in.
The national bus transportation service is called Astro, and its terminal (also called Astro) is in Vedado, near the Plaza de la Revolucion, part of a mall with shops, a bank and fast food.

Now air-conditioned, the Astro fleet of Yutong coaches is now 6 years older with seemingly — in Spring 2011 — problems getting spare tires as many busses are sitting on blocks.

Nowadays, most Viazul lines out of their main terminal pass through here because Viazul has an office dedicated to their passengers with coaches passing by here after leaving from the main terminal in front of the Zoo which is further away from the city center in Vedado and Vieja.

This being the national service, it caters only to Cubans who pay in Cuban pesos (Moneda nacional).

Avenida de la Independencia y Calle 19 de Mayo Tel (7) 830-4000 · 830-3300

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