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Miriam Grave de Peralta Bermudez
Ave. de los Libertadores (calle Marti) 22, corner Roosevelt, reparto Peralta. Near the junction leading to Guardalavaca. Tel. (24) 42-7425 Cell. 53 40 61 68

On the avenida that leads up or downtown, Miriam has for rent one rather large air-conditioned bedroom, recently redecorated, with its own private bathroom
In a once off-center burrough (now a very busy thoroughfare) established by her grandfather, hence the name.

The very bungalow-ish casa is nicely stuck in that era with its original furniture and furnishings; both the living and dining rooms are lovely to be in and the carpark is so Fifties.

Miriam, a retired geography teacher is a charming hostess and prepares lovely meals; needless to say, as a Geo teacher, she knows her stuff, is very well-organized and can make suggestions for sites in the area or the island equal to none...

Rates : 15-25cuc for bedroom per night; breakfasts 4cuc, dinners 7-10

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